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“Second Thought” My First Solo Exhibition in Barcelona

By Magoz
1 min read



I’m very happy to announce that my first solo exhibition is opening next week in Oslo Graphic Barceloneta.

The opening is on Thursday, April 14 at 19:30 with an open chat with the audience.
There will be free beers, a raffle, and other surprises.

Hope to see you all there!

Magoz solo exhibition in Barcelona – Second Thought

Second Thought is the first Magoz solo exhibition (from April 14 to May 20).
The exhibition consists of a selection of his best illustrations and animations. A compilation of images that play with concepts, double meanings, poetry and reality distortion. Nothing is what it was supposed to be; the images acquire new whole dimensions when you look at them closely.

My 15 minute talk at Blanc Festival 2015 (Spanish and English subtitles)

By Magoz
2 min read



Last November I gave a couple of talks at Blanc festival.
It was by far the most impressive audience I’ve ever faced. I truly admired some of the 500 people I was talking to.

In this 15 minute talk, I tried to summarise my story, the way I see life and the way I work.
I focused on 6 main points, and I used my images to illustrate them.

Magoz - Video 15 minutes talk  at Blanc Festival 2015 - English with Spanish subtitles

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You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

— David Allen.

10 Essential Apps I Use Every Day You Might Not Know

By Magoz
7 min read



Technology is becoming more and more important in our lives. We spend a lot of hours in front of our computers, and they have completely changed the way we work.
As we spend hours and hours in front of the screens, we are becoming experts of the tools we use, without even noticing it.

But, are those apps giving us the best experience?

I want to share 10 apps I use every day, that improve a lot my experience using the computer.
Those are, besides of the basic apps all of us use as Chrome, Photoshop, Calendar or iTunes, small apps that I couldn’t live without.
Some of them are unknown to most of the people.

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How Photoshop Actions Have Changed the Way I Use Photoshop

By Magoz
7 min read



Photoshop is an incredible tool that comes with hundreds of functions.
We adapt Photoshop to our needs and we normally end up using just a few of them.
But, how many times a day we use each tool? How many times a day we repeat the same sequence of commands?

Wouldn’t be great to improve and automate the way we use our tools?

Photoshop has a built-in powerful automation feature called Actions.
Photoshop Actions allow us to record a sequence of actions and then run that sequence whenever we want with just one click from the Actions panel. And even better, we can assign a keyboard shortcut, making the process even faster.

I want to share with you some of the actions I use every day.
You can download and adapt them to your own needs.

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Winner of Communication Arts

By Magoz
less than 1 min read


I’m very happy to announce that I’m one of the winners of Communication Arts with the image I did for The New York Times about violence against women.

My image was one of the selected works by a jury from among 3,973 entries that were submitted to the competition.

Thank you very much to Communication Arts and the jury for this award, and congratulations to the rest of the winners.

Magoz Illustration - Violence against women - Winner Communication Arts

A bird doesn’t sing because it’s happy. A bird is happy because it sings.

Joan Walsh Anglund.

Where Do the Ideas Come From? The Basic Elements of Creativity

By Magoz
3 min read



When I get a good idea for an illustration or a personal project, I almost immediately embrace it as a discovery. But, is it a real discovery? Is it an original idea? Where do the ideas come from?

Kirby Ferguson shares some interesting thoughts in Everything is a Remix, a fantastic documentary about how ideas and innovations are generated.

Kirby explores the basic elements of creativity: copy, transform and combine.
The documentary analyses the topic from a historical and social perspective. It shows how inspiration and transformation of previous creations have been the foundations of music, films, technology, art or even life.

Where do the ideas come from? The basic elements of creativity. Everything is a Remix

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Helping others to reach their goals

By Magoz

Magoz illustration and animation - Helping others to reach their goals

Helping others to reach their goals.
For Engagement Migros.
Illustration and Direction by Magoz.
Animation by Jose Lorenzo.

My Productivity System. How I Use a Calendar and a To-Do List to Stay Organised

By Magoz
8 min read



Every day, we have to complete lots of tasks. And since it’s the beginning of the year, many of us have set up some goals we want to achieve.
In most cases, nobody has taught us how to stay organised and we ended up finding our own solutions.

We trust our overloaded brains will remember all the tasks and deadlines, and because our brains are busy enough being creatives, solving problems and remembering more important things, we usually forget things.

Over the years, I’ve been studying and implementing different productivity systems, including sophisticated approaches like GTD and simple ones like writing down my tasks on paper.
After a lot of trial and error, I found a very simple system that works great for me and helps me to be productive and having everything under control.

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