Workshop in Barcelona

By Magoz
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UPDATE: The workshop is sold out for February 4, but since many people were left out we decided to repeat it on February 5. Please, visit the Cadaver Exquisit website for more info.

On February 4, I’ll be teaching a workshop in Barcelona (in Spanish).


1. The basic elements of a professional illustrator.
– Defining and analyzing the basic elements of a professional illustrator.
– Administration, communication, promotion and commissions.

2. Illustration as a communication tool.
– Using images as transmitters of ideas.
– Resources to communicate effectively and creatively.

3. A commission.
– Defining and taking an assignment.
– Sharing and analyzing the results.

8 Hours.
Breakfast, lunch and beers included.

There are very limited seats available.
If you are interested, please visit the Cadaver Exquisit website for more info.

See you there!

Digging Up the Future Animation

By Magoz

Illustration & Direction: Magoz
Animation: Jose Lorenzo

How to Create a Plan for 2017

By Magoz
4 min read



When a new year starts, we are very attracted by the idea of change and improving ourselves. We tend to establish new resolutions, objectives and goals but we don’t pay too much attention to the plan we are going to follow to achieve them. As a result, our good intentions don’t last for long, and we give up after a few weeks.

For a long time, I felt frustrated with my resolutions but after I realised that having a solid plan is crucial my productivity increased a lot.

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My 2016 Review

By Magoz
6 min read



Every year, during the last days of December, I love going through the whole year and review what happened.

I sit down, away from distractions, and I focus on what happened that year. I check my calendar, project folders and emails to help me to get the big picture. I write down a list of the highlights and I usually get surprised about how many things happened.

This year I’ve decided to split the highlights into two lists, one with what went well and another one including what didn’t.

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Merry Christmas Animation for Engagement Migros

By Magoz

Illustration & Direction: Magoz
Animation: Jose Lorenzo
Sound: Noizes
Client: Engagement Migros

Reforma Horària Animation

By Magoz

Illustration: Magoz
Animation: Jose Lorenzo
Agency: Usted
Sound: Noizes
Art direction: Magoz & Usted
Client: Generalitat de Catalunya

Talk at Adobe #CreativeMeetup

By Magoz
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I’ll be speaking at Adobe #CretiveMeetup this Wednesday, November 23.
The whole event will be streamed online and you can watch it below (in Spanish).
I talk at 6 pm (GMT+1), you can check the program here.

Process behind My Illustrations 2 (Video)

By Magoz
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A new video of the series Behind the Scenes where I share the process of creating my illustrations.

I created this illustration for Scientific American, for an article about How to be a better spender.

I sketch using an iPad Pro and Procreate.
The final is created in Illustrator.

Song: Sidecar by Podington Bear.

Would you like to see more videos showing the process behind my images? Any questions, suggestions or feedback?
Let me know in the comments!

Animation Techniques We Use to Create Our Animations

5 min read



There are several techniques for creating animations of characters and other graphics. These methods can be combined or used individually depending on the desired result.
Choosing a right animation technique for each situation allows us to work efficiently and achieve better results.

In this article, I describe the ones we use to create our animations.

Magoz and Jose Lorenzo Animation in After Effects

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How I Find Ideas for My Illustrations. My Conceptual Process

By Magoz
3 min read



As a conceptual illustrator, I work with ideas. Finding an idea is a very intuitive process and sometimes unpredictable.

Since I became an illustrator, I’ve experimented with different workflows until I found one that works for me.

Today I’m sharing the process of how I find ideas for my illustrations.

Mind Map

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