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Where Do the Ideas Come From? The Basic Elements of Creativity

3 min read


When I get a good idea for an illustration or a personal project, I almost immediately embrace it as a discovery. But, is it a real discovery? Is it an original idea? Where do the ideas come from?

Kirby Ferguson shares some interesting thoughts in Everything is a Remix, a fantastic documentary about how ideas and innovations are generated.

Kirby explores the basic elements of creativity: copy, transform and combine.
The documentary analyses the topic from a historical and social perspective. It shows how inspiration and transformation of previous creations have been the foundations of music, films, technology, art or even life.

Where do the ideas come from? The basic elements of creativity. Everything is a Remix

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Helping others to reach their goals

Magoz illustration and animation - Helping others to reach their goals

Helping others to reach their goals.
For Engagement Migros.
Illustration and Direction by Magoz.
Animation by Jose Lorenzo.

My Productivity System. How I Use a Calendar and a To-Do List to Stay Organised

8 min read


Every day, we have to complete lots of tasks. And since it’s the beginning of the year, many of us have set up some goals we want to achieve.
In most cases, nobody has taught us how to stay organised and we ended up finding our own solutions.

We trust our overloaded brains will remember all the tasks and deadlines, and because our brains are busy enough being creatives, solving problems and remembering more important things, we usually forget things.

Over the years, I’ve been studying and implementing different productivity systems, including sophisticated approaches like GTD and simple ones like writing down my tasks on paper.
After a lot of trial and error, I found a very simple system that works great for me and helps me to be productive and having everything under control.

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Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

André Gide.

Verkami poster: Co-creating culture

Magoz illustration - Verkami Poster - Co creating culture

Co-creating culture.
Poster for the 5th anniversary of Verkami.
Verkami is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

New Website. Ideas and Thoughts about Web Portfolios for Illustrators and Creatives in 2016

5 min read


During the last months, I’ve been thinking and studying the role of the website for illustrators, artists and other creatives. Last week I launched my new website introducing several changes and polishing the general appearance.

I would like to share with you some thoughts behind the redesign.
It might be useful for you if you are considering creating a new website or updating it.

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My 2015 Review

6 min read


The last day of the year I sit down, away from distractions, and I focus on what happened that year.
I try to remember where I was or what I did from January to December.
I use my calendar to help me going through the year, and I also check my project folders, tracking spreadsheets and emails.
I write down a list of the highlights and it ends up being kind of a story of my year, where I get surprised about how many amazing things had happened.

Reviewing the year is one of the most pleasant things of the year.
I realise how many things happen in 365 days and how I evolve.
It also empowers me to start the new year with all my strength.

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Ilustradores a la mesa

Magoz for Ilustradores a la Mesa (Illustrators to the table)

I’ve taken part in the wonderful project Ilustradores a la mesa (Illustrators to the table).
A charity project created by Píxelbox Studio.

Winner of a Gràffica Award

1 min read

I’m very happy an honored to announce that Gràffica, the most important design and creativity media in Spanish, has awarded me with a Gràffica Award.

In their own words:
The jury has decided to award it to Magoz for his enormous aesthetic minimalism. Magoz can illustrate concepts and stories with an almost child simplicity, and we still can find layers of intelligent graphic sophistication and visual narration in his work. Because his personal perspective generates clean, clear, concise, direct, stunning and smart images.

Next week, I’ll be in Zaragoza (Spain) to collect the award and also give a short talk.
Thank you very much to Gràffica and the jury for this award and congratulations to the rest of the winners.

See you there!

Magoz winner of a Graffica Award

Silver medal from the Society of Illustrators of New York

1 min read


I’m thrilled and honored to announce that I’ve won a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators of New York with the animated cover I did with with Jose Lorenzo for Muster Magazine: Internships.
I also have the image Reading: the fuel of the imagination selected for Illustrators 58 annual and the exhibition.

Congratulations to all the winners!
See you in February in New York at the Opening.

Magoz Illustration -The power of reading: the fuel of the imagination